Episode 21: Family Time…is there enough time?

mom-podcast-21Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie

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Family Time…is there enough time?

In this podcast - we discuss ” Family Time”
We know moms out there - you can get very busy, Dad’s too! - so busy that you don’t have time to spend with your family?.

Sure you drive your kids here or there for sports, make them dinner, help them with their home work, tell them bedtime stories - but are you spending time with them talking, sharing thoughts-ideas, and having Mom and Dad together with the kids, “the family unit” - that is the best!!!

Judee and I both know during the week is very hard with everyone’s schedules, weekends are easier to have everyone get together - We have gotten so busy that we actually schedule family time - to do something together as a unit. Something we can all share and have fun as a family- just us, no friends of the boys or extended family. Bike ride, bar-b-que and cooking, planting, gardening, roller blading- seeing a cool movie- traveling together somewhere different.

We all know- holidays you get together, but it’s not the same- usually involves extended family and it’s not as focused on the unit and there really is the The Importance Of “Family Time”. With family time - It’s a great time to to build deeper relationships within your family.

Passing on family values in your children building a stronger family unit is essential now a days/ with so many distractions - tv, phone, computers- DS’s, games etc…

It’s important to take some time to laugh and be silly with your child. Laughing can help in hard times and difficult times. With the ever growing demands from school, jobs, and extracurricular activities, family fun can sometimes get lost or forgotten.

Judee and I have put together some tips we have used to help remind us to create more time with the family. Check out our Family Time Tips. We are not experts, but we wanted to share and talk about how just a little quality family time can be so important and rewarding!. On some level it says “I love you all” spending and sharing time with you!, is the best.

We have even noticed some web sites, facebook pages and other organizations encouraging family time and activities together.

Here are a few we have highlighted.
I Love Spending Time with my Family [facebook page]
A wikiHow to spend time with your family [ideas]
eHow Family Fun Time [ideas]
Stouffer’s Let’s Fix Dinner [challenge to have meals together]
Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children [ideas]

Hope our tips and show help and inspire you! - Make sure you share your own family time ideas, photos and tips with us on Twitter@multiplesmoms.

A special shout out to our Face Book Fans and Twitter followers -yeh!, thanks for listening. Thank you Multiple Moms! - especially Barbara with newborn Twin Boys!- thanks for following and Listening, we do this for moms like you!

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