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MOMS tips for “Family Time”

As both Moms of Triplets we know how difficult it is to co-ordinate “Family Time”. I know during the week is very hard, weekends are easier. That’s why we wanted to share our MOMS tips for “Family Time” with you!

I know in our own family we have gotten so busy that we actually schedule family time - to do something together as a unit. Something we can all share + have fun as a family- just us, no friends of the boys or extended family.

We are not experts, but we wanted to share and talk about how just a little quality family time can be so important and rewarding!

  1. Avoid Overscheduling - Be realistic about family activities and commitments and avoid taking on too much.  Running from activity to activity or being buried in too many commitments leaves no time for family time and having fun.
  2. Try New Things - Add some spice to your family life and enjoy the family fun and adventure of trying new things.  Sometimes all it takes is a change to the traditional habits and routines for families to learn to laugh again.
  3. Learn from Other Families - Watch and learn how other families add family fun into their lives.  Use their laughter as inspiration to create your own family fun.
  4. Make it a Priority - Avoid the pitfalls of “too much work and no play” by making family fun and family time a priority.

Hope this inspires you! - to make your “Family Time” fun and part of your lives! - just a little quality family time can be so important and rewarding!

April 2010 is Multiple Awareness Month

Matters of Muliples and Multiple Birth Awareness month

Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie Celebrate and Share the Joy!
April 2010 - Multiple Birth Awareness month in the United States. Help create an awareness!

April marks the second annual Multiple Birth Awareness Month in the United States—a time to increase awareness about the issues facing families of multiple birth children and ways family, friends, professionals, and organizations can support them.Sponsored by the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs Inc., TWINS Magazine and Fetal Hope Foundation.

The most recent birth statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are from 2006. In that year, the twin birth rate was 137,085—more than twice the number reported for 1980 (68,339). Additionally, there were 6,118 triplets, 355 quadruplets and 67 quintuplets births in 2006. With an increase in multiple births comes an increased concern about the health and well being of those children, and the issues faced by their parents.

Multiple births in general are on the rise. With increased births, comes an increased concern regarding the health and well being of multiple birth children. (source CDC)

Bring and share awareness of this special Month with local support clubs, educators, medical professionals and media personnel across the country.

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A year in review: Thank you viewers and listeners!

Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie Celebrate and Share the Joy! See our year in review video below or watch on

Thank you viewers and listeners!

The people we have met, our guests, our sponsors, our fans, our community, our families. We take a look back on 2009 and look forward to 2010 - there is so much more to come!

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Tips on Traveling with Multiples

Judee and I know traveling these days is tough enough. Throw a child and or two like our triplets and it gets much, much tougher. Traveling with multiples and you start remembering your lessons from math class:-)

Both Judee and I have had our share of traveling whether by car or by air – we have learned a lot from these trips and want to share our basic Tips with you.

Definitely Plan ahead of Time!


  • ADD 30 MINUTES to almost any timeline. How long does it take to get through security or the border usually? to the restaurant, to see and visit family everything you do add an extra 20 /30 minutes- you will need it.


  • Once you know what time you need to leave you can back into when you need to get the kids up, assuming you are traveling during the day.


  • Now that you know when all hands need to be on deck for your Triplets you need to figure out what time you need to wake up. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE DAY YOU TRAVEL TO PACK!


  • Pack everything you will need. Do any last minute things like stopping the mail, cleaning, pets, lists for house sitter, etc…. Confirm ALL travel arrangements; flights, seat confirmations (this is VERY important when flying with babies/toddlers – talk to the airline directly, connections, hotels, cribs needed in hotel, etc…


  • Make a List of what you are taking – In-line triplet stroller, two back-packs (diaper bags), three comfort items (one each), extra pacifiers, three ziplock bags of each kind of snack they like, Plenty of diapers, wipes, washcloths, bottles/formula, snacks, games, books


  • Lay out your Days and pack accordingly by day as best you can – kid’s blankets, outfits wrapped together (makes it easier when you just grab a roll and you have clothes/PJs for all three), bag of toys to play with in the hotel, plug protectors to use in hotel/where you are staying, night light(s) if you use them, baby shampoo/soap, possibly towels/washclothes, comb and/or brush, pack of diapers and box of wipes…….you always need extra wipes

Quick Tips on healthy weight gain while pregnant with multiples

It is true there’s a bigger nutritional drain on a mother when she’s carrying more than one baby.

Women pregnant with one child need 300 more calories each day; women pregnant with twins or other higher order multiples require significantly more calories to give their babies the nutrients they need.Your calories should come from nutrient-rich foods, not French fries and candy bars.

Which is hard…alot of times you think of “junk food” having higher calories, but it’s not always good. Having a nutritionist on had/ talking out food issues and cravings very important for you and your babies….

Here are a few Quick Tips on Gaining Weight that we have found worked for us while pregnant with our triplets.

It can sometimes be quite difficult for women carrying higher order multiples to gain the right amount of weight. We knew it was very difficult for us as our pregnancy continued to gain the right amount of weight.

Judee and I found that we were not as hungry as we used to be at the beginning of your pregnancy. This is because your babies begin to push on your chest and stomach as they grow, limiting the amount of food you could comfortably eat.

To keep gaining weight, we both tried some of these tips:

  • Eat foods that are rich in nutrients and calories: Seeds, Legumes, Yogurt, even Avocados are easy to snack on, but are rich in calories and those much needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat more often: Try eating smaller meals throughout the day, so that you don’t get too full, too fast.
  • Drink your calories: Try drinking milkshakes and fruit smoothies to increase your caloric intake. These drinks are healthy and will help you put on the weight more easily.

Make sure you check out: a guide for proper food groups while pregnant and after wards.

* Judee and Gillian are not nutritionists, just Moms of multiples who have both successfully given birth to triplets and share their experiences and tips. We hope you find our tips helpful!