MOMS tips for “Family Time”

As both Moms of Triplets we know how difficult it is to co-ordinate “Family Time”. I know during the week is very hard, weekends are easier. That’s why we wanted to share our MOMS tips for “Family Time” with you!

I know in our own family we have gotten so busy that we actually schedule family time - to do something together as a unit. Something we can all share + have fun as a family- just us, no friends of the boys or extended family.

We are not experts, but we wanted to share and talk about how just a little quality family time can be so important and rewarding!

  1. Avoid Overscheduling - Be realistic about family activities and commitments and avoid taking on too much.  Running from activity to activity or being buried in too many commitments leaves no time for family time and having fun.
  2. Try New Things - Add some spice to your family life and enjoy the family fun and adventure of trying new things.  Sometimes all it takes is a change to the traditional habits and routines for families to learn to laugh again.
  3. Learn from Other Families - Watch and learn how other families add family fun into their lives.  Use their laughter as inspiration to create your own family fun.
  4. Make it a Priority - Avoid the pitfalls of “too much work and no play” by making family fun and family time a priority.

Hope this inspires you! - to make your “Family Time” fun and part of your lives! - just a little quality family time can be so important and rewarding!

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