Episode 13: Multiples in School - What To Do?

Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie

In this podcast we interview Principal Kathy Braswell a veteran within the Forsyth County School education program in Georgia for over 20 years. Kathy currently is principal for a school with 15 sets of multiples [12 twins and 3 sets of Triplets]
Mashburn Elementary

We had a great time in this interview covering several topics regarding multiples at school with implications for starting school; the balance of competition and cooperation among multiples; separation in school with classrooms for multiples, homework issues and of course the evidence from recent legislative and other initiatives on the development of school policy; the particular needs of higher multiples.

Be proactive with you school will help make the process run smooth for your multiples. Our research has shown that there is one child in 33 that is now a multiple - this only shows the significant increase in the number of twins and higher order multiples, what growth! You can help your school realize that being the same age, in the same school year, and in the same class, brings different dynamics
from brothers and or sisters born close together.

Teachers and parents need to be aware of particular issues that may affect the physical, intellectual, personal, social and emotional development of multiple birth children, and to ensure that school policy and practice include this special group of children and parents. Make sure you check out our photo stream for behind the scenes

Connect with us, we would love to hear your school stories. Your thoughts or questions, Are your multiples are together in the same classroom? Are they in separate classrooms at school? - Let us know.

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