Episode 12: Don’t be Bored on Bed Rest!

Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie

In this podcast we had a great time interviewing several organizations that help Multiple MOMS on Bed Rest.

Even though your friends and family may envy you for what they see as a mini-vacation, don’t be so sure — bed rest during pregnancy is not easy
Being ordered to mandatory bed rest is much different than- I want to lie down for a minute or go to bed and sleep…it’s lay on your side, keep your feet up…you are ordered to do some crazy positions while resting plus you might have stomach pressure, severe heart burn…..sometimes being on a monitor – it’s not easy at all, it actually hard work.

For multiple moms sometimes it is a must to be on bed rest – for so many different medical reasons and to keep mom and babies healthy. Bed rest could be prescribed to alleviate a potential health risk to the mother (such as pre-eclampsia), or for the babies (such as too early birth).

Northside Hospital has a great group- that helps MOMS on the highrisk unit of the Hospital. The first group we interviewed was Boredom Busters. They volunteer their time to provide activities and conversations to women currently on bed rest. Coordinator Amy Corrigan explains all aspects of this group from supplying games, magazines, knitting lessons to getting your nails and hair done- they can help ease your stay and brighten your day.

The next group we interviewed is Happy Tails – Linda Bolterstein Coordinator /Pet Evaluator . Happy Tails are certified pet visitators helping to ease bed-rest mothers’ stays. Pet therapy really helps Moms keep their mind off of the pregnancy issues and for a few minutes it brightens every ones day. See the Happy Tail animals we met at Northside Hospital.

Both are separate volunteer groups at Northside Hospital working to help MOMS on bed rest.

There are some wonderful resources available to help Moms through this difficult time, such as Sidelines National Support Network, or your local multiples club. The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book is an excellent reference guide and is recommended reading for any woman who might be a candidate for bed rest.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Northside Hospital. Northside offers comprehensive services for mothers, fathers and their babies including pregnancy planning, lactation consults and baby care and everything in between. Northside Hospital for a lifetime of care - For more information visit www.northside.com

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