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Episode 6: Perinatal Care - What to Expect with a Multiple Pregnancy Specialist

Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie

What is a Perinatal Specialist? OH BOY! We can relate to that question.

When you are first pregnant with multiples your OBGYN says you need to see a Perinatal Specialist.

In podcast episode number 6 we talk with Jeffrey Korotkin a Perinatal Specialist. He is the co-founder of Atlanta Perinatal Consultants and works with OBGYNs in monitoring pregnancy.

During most multiple pregnancies, you will visit a perinatal specialist many times. In this podcast we discuss the process of maternal and fetal care, the specialists role, the numerous visits you have, your health, age factor and pregnancy plus the big day and the delivery room.

Jeffrey Korotkin was Judee Sunderland’s specialist and Judee recalls, it gave her some ‘peace of mind’ during her pregnancy. “I looked forward to getting a glimpse of what was going on inside of me”.

Don’t miss this educating interview with Jeffrey Korotkin, plus check out the behind the scenes photos with all our podcast show guests.

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Episode 5: Mirrored Twin Mom & ER Nurse Shares Her Experience with Family & Work

Hosts: Judee Sunderland and Gillian Norrie

Today, we have the pleasure of talking with Erin Miller. Super Mom of identical mirror image twins girls (who are now 14 years old). A ER Nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Hospital. Erin has a full family with twins, and 2 boys.

She shares her experiences being pregnant, having mirrored twins and the challenges with children, work and family.

In episode #5 we ask the questions that you want to know. What are mirrored twins?, how is life with identicals? - what do you do the first week, month, year?. Advice, real life examples and stories that all moms and parents will relate too and enjoy!

Many questions and advice for soon to be mom’s, mom’s with multiples with other children, children going into the teen years.

Don’t miss this enjoyable interview, we laughed we cried and you will too!.
Don’t forget to see the behind the scenes photos with all our podcast show guests.

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